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Let's get you fully briefed on the running order of the Despatch Rally's weekend's event...

When:  next date to be announced soon. Arrival to camp from 5:30pm



Day 1: Riders summoned for basic training

Despatch Rider Training will include off-road techniques and friendly grass-racing. We hope to see another diverse array of bikes this year and are pleased to offer a good range of skills and activities for participants to attempt. Courses and terrain will offer something for all skill levels from beginner through to expert. A new format for the first day will see a relaxed feel, allowing riders to enjoy the ambiance and adjust to the surroundings for the weekend ahead. 

The day will also include a large ‘show and shine’ event for external participants with proceeds going to charity. 


  • The Ammo Dash - Styled against the iconic format of jousting, riders will gather at opposite ends of a straight course. You will receive 3 runs in which you will attempt to gather ammunition, medical, and rations. The centre point of the course will act as the finish line and riders will receive their win for crossing the central finishing line.

  • The Covert Corridor - This is to test skill, control, and technique. The course will see riders  follow, including coasting or pushing their machine through a stealth section, any noise will alert the guards. Riders will score points for successfully crossing this section in silence. 



  • Trials display

  • Attend the off-road rider training. (Bikes Supplied)

  • Tackle the motorcycle trial course. (Bikes Supplied) 

  • Complete a host of lawn games and challenges

  • Compete in the head to head Despatch rider "Ammo Dash & Covert Corridor" events

  • Food and campout


Day 2: Checkpoints & Challenges

The much-loved wartime themed checkpoints & challenges return. Participants are sent out into the field, armed with maps and log-books to test your skills as a Despatch rider. Collect points as you successfully complete each task out in the field across the Hampshire & Dorset. Results will be issued and an award ceremony & raffle will round off the day


  • Control Course 

  • Off-Road Stage

  • Intelligence Intuition

  • Phone-box Reconnaissance Mission



  • Test your intuition under scrutiny

  • Navigate the off-road course 

  • Tackle the motorcycle control course

  • Gather hidden info across Dorset following your Serviceman’s map


Day 3: Ride-in & motorcycle demo rides

Catch-up with your fellow comrades back at Despatch Rally HQ. The full congregation returns on site for an opportunity to socialise and celebrate.  You will then have a chance to try some off-road skills and practice techniques. A celebratory ride will mark closing of the 2024 rally. 



  • Try rides on and off-road

  • Guided group ride-outs



- Be there on the front line -

next rally date announced soon

Despatch Rally Films

Despatch Rally Films

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